Friday, October 14, 2011

All I can say is that, "It's about time!" Occupy Wall Street

As I sit in the slowly decreasing temps of southeastern Minnesota, I'm wishing more than anything that I could be in NYC with the protesters on Wall Street. It's about time the voice of the 99% was heard! The 99% has woken up! These are not Hippie slackers with long hair, they are mothers, fathers, grandparents, college students, the old that support the young, the young that have the most to lose!

Ways you too can join in and stand with the 99%:
1. Spread the word. Everyone. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Flicker, etc. Don't stop!
2. Donate money to the cause here: Cultural Revolution is our business. Want to join?
3. If you're in NYC or can get to NYC go! Even for a day and join with the other protesters.

The time for change has come!

"Many tend to forget that Jesus was ordered to be executed because he was confronting both the state and the religious institutions. It was after his overturning of the money changer's tables that the rabbis and Pharisees went to the Roman governor."

Revolutions Invoke Change!