Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth be with you all!

Happy May the Fourth!!

A holiday for all Star War fans around the world!

I first discovered Star Wars with my babysitter's sons who were in love with it. I was pretty young and just willing to go along since they said I could be the princess. :) It wasn't until years later when the digital remastered versions came out that I really fell in love with the series. For most of my junior high days (on the nights I wasn't watching Buffy) I would play through the series picking up where I left off the night before and then repeat. Yeah, Geek. I wear it proud!

Then the prequels came out and I was SO EXCITED BECAUSE OMG LUKE AND LEIA's MOM AND DAD...but then they kind of sucked and that was sad. What are your thoughts on Episodes I-III?

In college, I was into the books written on what happened after Episode VI. Luke's marriage and child, Han/Leia's three children, etc.

There's always that warm fuzzy feeling for Star Wars and Harry Potter. It's like going home after being away for a long time.

Don't forget to tell everyone "May the Fourth be with you" today!


  1. I always liked the Star Wars movies as a kid, but it wasn't until I started playing the Knights of the Old Republic video games that I really got hooked. lol

    I'm sort of meh about 1 and 2. I really like Revenge of the Sith, but not as much as Empire Strikes Back.

  2. I am such a Star Wars geek. I read so many of the Extended Universe books. (There are SOOOO many books that continued the story of episodes 4-6. Some I hated, some I really loved.)

    I didn't really care for the prequels. Episode 1 was all right. I can't watch Episode 2. The dialogue makes me cry inside. Episode, it was better than 2, but I have issues with the prequels. I think it felt like it was all about action and computer graphics than the story and characters.

    (And my son's name is from Star Wars. ;) My husband and I picked out names we really loved for our kids--they just happened to be from well-known books/movies.)

  3. I think Star Wars brings a sense of nostalgia and imagination along with a classic new-age tale. I will agree when I say I think they ruined it a bit with the pre-quels years later. BUT, I am a Harry Potter fan, too! After all, who doesn't want to be a wizard? It's just sad that in a few months, it will all be over!

  4. I loved Star Wars as a kid-- still remember when it came out in theaters(!)-- and then,like you, got to the whole thing again with my own kids who are pretty darn obsessive with the movies, legos, and books.

    I totally agree with you about the "new" prequels. So disappointing!

    My kids are always slinging around the Han Solo quotes: "Laugh it up, Fuzzball..." is big in our household

    Thanks for the new holiday!