Saturday, April 30, 2011


Z is for Zyzzyva

Zyzzyva a fun word to say yes? Zyzzyva was the name of the biannual literary magazine that my high school published each school year. It was one of my first exposores to reading materials other than books. In a time before internet, I was in grade school and had a cousin in high school as a babysiter. She came home one day with this large spiral bound book that contained a collection of poems and short stories written by her classmates. I was fascinated as I paged through from cover to cover. I vowed to myself that some day I would put a story or two in there.

Years later I was in the advanced creative writing class, one of my all time favorite classes, where part of the requirement was to submit a couple items to be published in Zyzzyva. I went on to submit items in three different publications of the literary magazine. I suppose you could say this is where I got my first exposure as a mass produced writer.

Confession: To this day, about ten years after I have graduated, I still use the Zyzzyva website. It has some very handy creative writing tools in the reference section. Although, I'm pretty sure it hasn't been updated in awhile.

I was planning on sharing a couple samples of my early work, as embarrassing as it may be, but I think my old copies are far away at my mum's.

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