Friday, April 15, 2011


M is for Minerva

1. I've always been interested in mythology as it has many current applications today. Pay close attention to things like the names of our planets, marketing logos, uses in books and design, etc. So, if I had to pick a "favorite" goddess from mythology, Minerva would be it. Minerva was the Roman goddess equivalent to the Greek's Athena. The legend of her birth is the same as Greek Mythology, sprouting from Jupiter's (Zeus') head. She was not only the goddess of wisdom, but she is also credited as the inventor of music.  As goddess of both war and wisdom, she represents a strong and educated woman.

2. JKR pulled from mythology to name her character Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter book series. She is one of my favorite supporting characters for her tough love, guidance, and bravery that she continually shows throughout the series.

3. Deftones titled a song "Minerva". Amidst rockin' yet soothing tunes there are some very beautiful and heartfelt lyrics about women coming into their own. One fan says it perfectly here at Song Meanings. chino69 says:
"To me the message is quite clear. So hopefully I am able to clear it up for all of you. I'll start with this. In an interview with Chino, he stated that he is so captivated with the beauty of women. Not young women, but older women who carry with them a true sense of beauty. "They can change shit" he says.

Now I myself have an affinity towards women. I think they are so incredibly beautiful, especially when involved with some form of art. My gf draws pictures and paints and to see her work just completely puts me in rapture.

"Such a strange numb
It could bring back peace to the earth"

The musical voice of a woman is capable of pacifying everyone, even while everyone stands with differing opinions and points of views, the beauty is what reminds us that we all have a heart and it can truly be interconnected.

"And God bless you all
For the song you saved us... "

He is thanking all of the women singers of the world. For the song and the sweetness in their voice has truly brought him back to that place of warmth and love.

Minerva is the goddess of handicrafts and arts, as well as war, in roman religion. Chino sees how powerfully eloquent a woman can be in the dawn of her maturity. It doesn't have to be an old women, just one who has truly developed herself in good ways."

I love this interpretation because it goes past this song just being a "thank you to fans" and touches on where the title fits in with the meaning of the song. So often girls and women struggle to be what society wants them to be, which is often times unrealistic and unobtainable. The message the song brings is that woman are beautiful when they are fully happy with themselves just the way they are and when they realize that they can bring power to whatever their "art" is and it becomes their song. It's a very encouraging message for women and coming of age women today.

Deftones: Minerva

For these three reasons, we've named our first kitty, Minerva. It's been interesting as I've had many comments on what an odd name it is, so it's been fun to explain to people why.

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  1. Very detailed post...I did not know so much about Minerva. Thanks for sharing! I'm learning new things every day via A-Z.