Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nickelodeon Nostalgia

N is for Nickelodeon Nostalgia

We don't have cable anymore so I'd say I'm definitely out of touch with the shows Nickelodeon currently airs, but I can confidently say, nothing will ever be as cool as some of their first live action shows that paved the way for popular TV shows today. Here are some of my favorites...

Hey Dude
Featuring characters like a girl named Brad, a girly girl named Melody, and a rebellious Ted who worked at the Barn None Dude Ranch. Here's a video of the opening credits...

Salute Your Shorts
Was a television show that followed campers and all the drama they encountered at Camp Anawanna.

Clarissa Explains it All
This witty and sarcastic girl lets the world in on all the coming of age drama in her life. She often talks to the camera making the audience feel like they are really there. Clarissa was one of my heroes growing up. Here room, here clothes, her behavior, she was just so "Way Cool"!


Alex Mac
A show about a girl that can glow and melt into a silvery puddle at will because of a chemical accident. When she's not hiding from "The Plant's" staff she's using her new powers to help people or solve mysterious events.


You Can't Do That on Television

(psst...don't tell my mom. I wasn't allowed to watch this show) You Can't Do That on Television was the first show I remember watching on Nick. It was a sketch comedy television show for teens. For whatever reason my mom was not a fan, but I was able to catch episodes here and their with my cousins or babysitters. I couldn't talk about this show if I didn't mention Alanis Morressette who got her start on the show. It was the original source for Nick's "green slime"...I think, but really...I don't know ;)

I'm sure I forgot a ton of great ones. There were so many when Nick was just getting on its feet. Share some of your favorites below!


  1. I used to really like Alex Mack :D

  2. The only show I didn't watch was Alex Mack.

    I loved You Can't Do That on Television. I wish they'd re-air some of the older episodes!

  3. I loved Alex Mack when I was a younger. :D :D

    My favorite recent show (well, cartoon) to air on Nick is "Avatar: The Last Airbender." It is so amazing that I own all three seasons and have watched it more times than I can count.

  4. I miss the sounds of kids shows in my house. I often turn the cartoons on just so I can hear it in the background.

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  6. Ni ni ni ni, ni ni ni ni... Nickelodion! Cool post, really brought back some Saturday mornings!

  7. Fun post, and an excellent choice for N-day!

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  8. Oh my gosh - the memories! I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.