Friday, April 22, 2011


S is for Storms.

Did I mention how much I love them? I love that energy right before the storm hits, like everything is on edge, calm but tense. I love watching the sky and clouds as they move and change rapidly. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a storm chaser. I remember in college I tried it out a few times and both were a total bust.

The first: I was after a funnel cloud that looked like it was going to touchdown. I went on a road that was blocked off (going around the barriers) and saw nothing. When I came to the end of the road there was firetruck and matching man along side it. He was not amused when I said I was "lost", opps.

The second: The sky was growing darker by minute. I somehow convinced my roommate to come with me and drive towards the darkest part of the sky. The wind had picked up and large things were blowing around, then all was calm. The sky was black. My roommate kept telling me to turn around and I was like, "why? This is what we came here for". A few minutes later she was near tears. I caved and turned back.

I've never seen a tornado and it's definitly on my bucket list. They're pretty fascinating, you know when they're not demolishing towns, sucking up cows and the like.

What time of "Storm" person are you? Would you rather be hiding in the basement or out on the front porch (with me) watching it all go down?


  1. I'd be right there on the front porch. There's nothing like seeing lightening strike the ocean. I love storms!

  2. I like watching storms. The ones in FL can get nuts sometimes, though.

  3. I do love thunderstorms and adore being in the house being able to listen and watch. I also love the rain; rhythimic as it riddles the roof with raindrops!
    However, last week we had a tornado in our area and I spent today cleaning up a student's house as a result of the damage so not certain I want to get up close and personal to a tornado anytime soon!...

  4. I love storms--the more wicked, the better. There was a tornado in my hometown when I was a kid. I was very young--only five--but I remember it pretty clearly. Even then, I thought it was pretty awesome.

    I hate that storms sometimes injure and kill people or demolish homes and businesses, but when no one gets hurt, there are few things cooler than a really nasty storm.

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  5. My parents house is over 150 years old and was originally built for 2 families, there is no better place that the 3rd floor of their house, listening to the rain on a stormy night (except maybe a tent, but I aways get wet there)

  6. I have always been fascinated by tornadoes but I get really stressed when the sirens go off. I just don't like high winds but lightening and thunder is awesome. I like to see tornadoes on the TV but I do not like the devastation it brings.

  7. I love sitting on the porch when it's tipping down with rain and everywhere is full of color. I love watching the lightning trace across the sky too, but not so happy when a T-Storm is overhead, or there are Tornado watches about.

  8. I love storms too! I'd be with you out on the porch!