Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Q is for Quasimodo

Not just a hunchback! Quasimodo is a word that has followed my husband and I around since we started dating seven years ago. I think it was more my hubby that liked to name things after the famous Notre Dame bell ringer.

1. Our first Halloween as a couple we carved our pumpkin and realizing in the end he was a bit lopsided, he was named "Quasimodo".

2. So, this is the semi-embarrassing part for me: My fourth toe on each foot does not lay flat. It curves inward and hides behind the middle toe. My husband thinks it's amusing to call it my "Quasimodo toe", lol. It's part of my genetics. My mom and both my daughters have the same toe. Well, at least we know we're all related an not switched at birth ;)

3. When we moved into our first home one of the first things we had to do was chop a tree down. Part of the stump that was left looks like a distorted old man's face. We've saved the stump and of course called him Quasimodo.

Interesting Fact: The hunchback is not the original meaning of the word. It derives from the name for the Sunday after Easter, known as Quasimodo Sunday. The name "Quasimodo" coming from the Latin phrase: "Quasi modo geniti infantes..." which translates into the first part of 1 Peter 2:2. Referring to the Sunday after Christ's resurrection. The hunchback was found on this day and bares its namesake. Source


  1. Lol, "quasimodo toe" - interesting term of endearment! :D Great post!

  2. I had to laugh at your genetic dysfunction. All my toes on both feet curl under because I've broken each of them at various times in my life. Most of the time I keep my shoes on because it is just ugly - but maybe I will refer to them as my quasimodo feet. Nice post!

  3. That is interesting!

    My gran's third toes hide behind (beneath?) her second toes.


  4. LOL, what a great inside joke to have! :D

    How interesting about the origin!

  5. It is a cool word. And quasimodo toe - that's priceless.

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  6. Quasimodo is a fun word!

    All my toes curl too (save for the big'un).

  7. Quasimodo toe! Love that! My sister, daughter, and I all have a weirdo big toe. Matching odd feet.

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  8. What a fun idea to have a unique word handy for when you need one!

  9. My girlfriend has the same thing going on with her toes... same toe as yours and on both feet. We also call them Quasimodo toe!