Wednesday, April 27, 2011


W is for Wine

After listening to kids whine during the day, it's nice to sometime curl up with a glass of wine. If I had to pick a favorite I would go with Merlot. I love the smooth rich flavor with a hint of cocoa. After years of wine tasting and building up my palette I came to the conclusion that I prefer dry and smooth flavors over sweet. I'm not a fan of any "blush" wines or sweet whites. I love visiting local wineries where you learn about how they create their flavors and can taste test them for cheep!

I've also had the benefit of being good friends with a liquor store owner who brings us different different (sometimes expensive) wines to try out. I've learned a lot from him on how to pick and taste wines. I love that now that he knows which flavors I prefer he can pick some really great ones for me. Now I just need to save up money so that I can actually afford them. One of my favorite blended wine is a red and runs about $35.00 a bottle!

Someday I hope to travel more and try out different wines from different parts of the world. I just saw a documentary recently (available on Netflix instant watch) called "Blood Into Wine" it's about the lead singer of the band Tool, Maynard James Keenan, who has fulfilled his dream in owning a vineyard and producing wine. He's located in Arizona which is not known for his wine so I'm really interested to try it out. Here is the homesite for his vineyard Caduceus

I have to admit when we first started drinking wine I was not a big fan nor was the hubby. We got some great advice: start out sampling the whites. Trying to find the flavors you prefer. Once you've built up your pallet go to the blushes and finally to the reds.

What are your favorite wines? Type and brand? Cheers!


  1. Red wine has always given me a headache (maybe I'm allergic to it?) but my favorite wine is (something) DelPoggio Moscato – you can see how often I imbibe ;)

  2. I love curling up to a good book. I don't drink wine. :P


  3. I feel that by my age, I really should know more about wine--or at least have developed a short list of favorites. I haven't, though.

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